Amanda Elliott
Principal Clinical Psychologist

Amanda is a clinical psychologist working with children, adolescents and adults to assist their emotional and social well-being and development. She has particular expertise in the assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders as well as other often related issues such as emotion and behaviour regulation and challenges within relationships. Amanda has extensive experience working in NSW Health community child and family teams and private practice at Central Paediatrics, Stanmore, providing assessment and treatment for a range of developmental, emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties that children and young people experience. Some children who attend psychological therapy have other underlying issues such as Attention Deficit Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Amanda has gained expertise in helping children, adolescents and their families in managing the associated difficulties that can arise. Since commencing private practice in 2009 she has also gained experience working with adults to assist with psychological problems such as anxiety and challenges in relationships.

Amanda is a warm and empathic therapist who understands the importance of trust and mutual respect within the therapeutic relationship. She aims to work with clients and their families to develop a shared understanding of the reasons for psychological assessment and therapy, and a shared commitment to the pathways to change. She is trained to undertake evidence-based approaches to psychological assessment and therapy, including acceptance-based approaches (for example mindfulness) and cognitive-behavioural therapy.

As well as having worked at the Department of Psychology, Macquarie University, where she examined psychology students on their ability to assess children and adults using cognitive tests, Amanda has worked at the Macquarie University Emotional Health Clinic, a specialist clinic for the treatment of child, adolescent and adult anxiety disorders. At the clinic she provided evidence-based individual and family treatment for anxiety and ran a group program for parents called Creating Confident Kids.

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